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How your printer can be a best friend to your business

In the rush to publish on-line, you shouldn't overlook your printer

Looking to generate more sales? Then look no further than your printer.

A growing number of businesses continue to favour promoting their products and services on-line as opposed to the more traditional way of commercial print and distribution.

As a result of the clamour that currently exists surrounding the popularity of the on-line space, it’s easy to forget that there are many examples in which the printed item has a place in the marketing mix of just about all businesses and, used correctly, can be very effective indeed.

Business cards

Business cards are a convenient and universally accepted way of providing an instant reminder of who you are, what it is you do along with how you can be contacted.

Always carry a good supply of business cards with you at all times either on your person or in the car as you never know when a potential customer might just show up. Of course, they’re also essential when you’re networking.

Business cards can also be handed out liberally to friends, existing customers and other contacts for them to redistribute on your behalf.

It’s important that your business cards are of a very high quality as the look and feel of the card could well be a deciding factor in either engaging or putting off a potential customer.

Printed leaflets

For businesses with a strong local focus, leaflets can be an effective way to garner a presence in your geographical area. Leaflet drops to homes and other businesses in your area are relatively inexpensive and they let local people know that you’re nearby as well as telling them exactly how you can help them.

Newspapers and regional magazines are good vehicles to reaching an audience or market within a specific geographical area.

Printed brochures

Leaving a brochure behind after a business meeting can help hugely in representing you and your business long after you’ve left the building.

A well printed brochure will serve as a strong reminder of all the key facts surrounding your products and services and it also means they can refer to information about you without having to necessarily have made notes.

To work well, all brochures should be expertly designed, written and printed simply because whatever you leave behind should always be viewed as an asset to your business.

Posters & wall charts

Large format printed items usually take the form of posters or wall charts and are most commonly produced in fairly small quantities for local display or at exhibitions.

Quality is an essential part of an effective poster and a printer can help advise you on paper sizes, paper stock and the most cost-effective method of print as well as discussing how new technologies may be able to set you apart from your competitors.


Despite the massive use of electronic communication, there’s still a strong demand for written communication – particularly when important documents are enclosed.

Printing your company logo or other information onto envelopes will provide a very professional touch to all your outgoing correspondence. This delivers a level of assurance to the recipient as well as helping improve brand recognition.

Litho printing

Top quality, cost-effective, offset litho printing. We promise a ‘full service’ approach to short, medium and long run litho print for business or trade. 

Digital printing

You need outstanding quality, speedy delivery and value for money. Welcome to the world of digital print. This is also our world.

Large format

Put your design to work with large format printing. Both indoors and outdoor applications for posters, signage and exhibition.

Covid-19 Information

Fineprint are continuing to work through this difficult period. We have implemented extra safety measures during this time as the safety of our staff and customers is our priority. We hope to continue working through this but will keep you informed if anything changes.

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